Homestay hosts are needed in Midland, Ontario!

The Canada Homestay Network has partnered with Georgian College to arrange caring homestay hosts for international students attending classes at their Midland campus.

If you are interested in hosting one or more students and live within 45 minuntes of Georgian College (Midland Campus) by public transit, please click here to apply to be a host.  

Canada Homestay Network provides cultural and first language support to hosts and their students 24x7 and a generous allowance to offset expenses.

For more information about being a Canada Homestay Network host, contact

Why host an international student?

Being a homestay host is a rewarding experience. When you make the decision to welcome an international student into your home, you make a lasting contribution to your family, your community and the student. [ learn more ]

Host families who welcome international students into their home:

  • Grow their understanding of the world and its peoples
  • Make life-long friendships
  • Get to share the beauty of their home and community
  • Ensure their local economy benefits from the booming international education industry
  • Receive a generous allowance to offset expenses

International students who live with Canadian families:

  • Learn language and Canadian culture in a healthy, caring environment
  • Get a positive introduction to Canadian family life, which encourages many to apply for permanent residency after graduation
  • Become valuable future partners in trade, political relations and global leadership
  • Bring a broader world-view to their communities back home

For more information about being a Canada Homestay Network host, contact Or click here to apply to be a host.  

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