Why host an international student?

Your family. Your community. The students.

Make the decision to welcome an international student and make a lasting contribution to your family, your community, and the student.

Apply to host!

For more information about the hosting experience in your community, contact [email protected] or 1-877-441-4443 ext. 2176 to connect with a CHN team member.

I host international students for my family.

I host international students for my family

Since 1995, the Canada Homestay Network has hosted tens of thousands of students from 120 countries. As a family who welcomes international students into our home, we've benefitted. We’ve grown in our understanding of the world and its people, made life-long friendships and learned something new every day. Plus we’ve shared the beauty of our home and community. [ Apply to be a host ]

I host international students for my community.

I host international students for my community

International students enhance the classroom and community experience of all Canadians. Their presence also helps support existing programs. International student study and travel attracts $8 billion to Canada’s economy annually. Hosting means a portion of that money is invested in our community. [ Apply to be a host ]


I host for the students.

I host for the students

International students who live with Canadian families learn language and Canadian culture in a healthy, caring environment. This positive introduction to Canadian family life encourages many to apply for permanent residency after graduation. Students become valuable future partners in trade, political relations and global leadership, and bring a broader world-view to their communities back home. [ Apply to be a host ]